• Mood Filter Blusher

    Mood Filter Blusher

    #Rosy Cheeks Mood Filter

    2 in 1 color mixing blusher

  • Cover Filter Cushion

    Cover Filter Cushion

    #UltimateCoverage #UltimateApplication #UltimateLongwear Cushion That Has It All

    Ultimate Coverage Ultimate Application Ultimate Longwear Filled with Good Ingredients

  • 3 Point Concealer

    3 Point Concealer

    #UltimateCoverage #UltimateApplication #UltimateLightweight

    3 Point Concealer which applies 3 different functions in 3 seconds

  • Strobing Filter Highlighter

    Strobing Filter Highlighter

    # ZERO Imperfections From Any Angle

    Contouring makeup to highlight and sculpt the volume of the face

  • Contouring Filter Shading

    Contouring Filter Shading

    #Customize Freely Sculpture Shading

    2 color shading for smooth and slim line definition




    Color your cheeks with these gentle blushes known for their clean and soft color payoffs!

  • Velvet Filter Powde

    Velvet Filter Powde

    #No sebum pore blur

    Creates soft and fluffy skin by absorbing oil

  • Aurora Filter Pact

    Aurora Filter Pact

    #Twinkling pore cover

    Creates bright and shiny skin when patted lightly